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OUTSTANDING RESULTS SO FAR ... Now this, has infact been a game changer for me personally!! ... I have put a lot of time and research into this, as I wanted to create something, specifically to help my new inflamatory arthritis diagnosis!! :/   1 month ago, I was literally, unable to walk, due to pain and severe swelling.  Literally, no medication had worked, and I was facing a pretty dismal outlook.  I did a lot of research, and had nothing to loose.  There were obviously no guarantees ( as this may not work for everyone, and I can't promise this ) BUT,  I created my own GOLD MAGIC!  I started applying this Beekawa GOLD oil, at least 4 times a day, and I am actually lost for words - I honestly wouldn't believe my results, unless I had actually experienced them, first hand.  There is no exaggeration to this either ... 1 month later, I am 100% honestly, a different person.   Please realise that this hasn't cured my arthritis, but has given me unbelievable relief, and I am definitely aware, when I have missed an application. Your skin will have a slight, yellowey shine, for several minutes.  Fresh, earthy natural scent.

30ml amber glass bottles, with spray lid

INGREDIENTS : kawakawa, lavender, tumeric, olive, hemp & magnesium oils

PLEASE NOTE : due to the dialution, as long as this has the time to sink into your skin, this should not stain your skin / clothes ( do not apply directly to clothing ) However leaving the skin exposed, or wearing darker clothing after application, is advised.

ALSO BE AWARE : you may feel a tingling sensation, due to the magnesium oil included.  This could be due, to a personal lack in your body's magnesium, or when used on open wounds.  This is not harmful, infact it is the opposite, and will help to balance your levels.


TURMERIC is actually amazing, and has been around for 100s & 100s of years.  The beautiful yellowy, orangey colour, along with the distinctive, earthy smell, has made for an amazing combination, to add even more magic to our Beekawa.

Turmeric is anti inflammatory, antimicorbial & has antioxidant properties that can help too.  

Turmeric has been widely known to ...

* anti inflammatory properties to help lessen joint swelling, stiffness & joint pain

* reduce acne scarring

* prevent / lessen active breakouts

* fight eczema & psoriasis

* heal wounds

* combat sun damage & signs of aging

* treat scabbies

* help lessen / eliminate, stretch marks, vitiligo, scleroderma

* brings out natural glow, birghtens dark circles