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This is a natural, aluminum FREE DEODORANT. 

With only Kawakawa & lavender infused coconut oil, arrowroot & aluminium FREE baking soda, that is all that is included, in our amazingly beautiful, brand new BEEKAWA DEODORANT!!! This leaves your armpits feeling soft, light, nourished, and minimising perspiration & neutrilising odour.  This is in the form of a paste, using approx only 1/4 tsp, to rub onto your armpits.


KAWAKAWA : helps heal cuts / shaving irritations, scrapes and skin inflamation.  It delivers antioxidant actives for improved skin health appearance, and antibacterial properties which work to prevent scarring and skin infections.

LAVENDER : antibacterial, soothing irritated skin, helps clogged pores, accelerates healing

ARROWROOT : can reduce oil production, soften skin, promotes natural healing

BAKING SODA : contains anti-inflamatory and antiseptic properties, helping skin irritations, mild rashes, and helps neutrilise odour.

50ml tin                                     SPECIAL INTRO PRICE