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100% PURE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS, HANDMADE THE TRADITIONAL WAY, USING ACTUAL PLANTS ... small batches at a time, getting all of the goodness from the plants themselves.  There are 9 steps to each Beekawa product.  A whole lot of love, effort & time, goes in to each & every tin / bottle of Beekawa.

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If you type 'ingredients' into the search box below, you will be able to read about all of the plants / ingredients that we use, & the benefits of the different varieties of Beekawa NZ products.

COMMON QUESTION ... which product is best?

This is a common question, and one that I can't specifically answer, as we have literally had, amazing results from them all.  As we are all so different, we will possibly respond slightly different to individual products.  My suggestion is always, that our Beekawa starter packs, are a great option, for those starting their Beekawa journey ( 30% discount ) so you can test them for yourselves, and see which you prefer, or for those enjoying the smaller size tins / bottles.  If you are not wanting the whole range, then the Beekawa ORIGINAL balm / butter, are always pretty good places to start.  Obviously I can't promise, but the results speak for themselves.  Please check out the many examples of these on our Instagram and facebook pages.