❤ HELLO ❤🙏 Welcome, to Beekawa NZ, a little wee business, growing and expanding before our very eyes ~ now WORLDWIDE!! ( however only shipping within NZ currently, due to astronomical shipping costs elsewhere ) BEEKAWA = Natural, Kawakawa based, healing products. BEE = Beeswax KAWA = Kawakawa = BEEKAWA. We are located rural Pongakawa, NZ. Beekawa is created & run by Neisha alone, hence why there is a wee wait for orders to be created & shipped. Traditional methods are used, to create our Beekawa magic, using the natural goodness from the respected kawakawa leaves, lavender and dandelion, gaining the amazing & powerful rongoa from these beautiful and powerful plants. We take pride, following & respecting, all protocols throughout each stage, to create the most amazing products, that actually work! ( phenonmenal feedback on both instagram & facebook, if you'd like a beautiful read! ) Also, checkout .... 30% off our starter packs - the perfect way to test out our products, also a great way to cover the whole family, with their own tin of Beekawa, also 30% off our BEEKAWA HEMP SETS! Afterpay is also available ... please remember there is an approximate 10 business day wait on all NZ orders. Beekawa is a hands on, intensive process, where the traditional method is used when brewing Beekawa, producing only small batches at a time. Protocols are followed & respected ~ good things take time 🙏 ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER to choose NZ RURAL SHIPPING OPTION, if this applies to you, thanks heaps! Please tag us in your social media and you could win a FREE BEEKAWA PRIZE! ( please be aware, there is an approx 10 day business wait for orders to be shipped ) Your support is appreciated, Thank you, Neisha x ( Please note, if your order is over $60, please feel free, to use the discount code OVER60FREESHIP to receive free NZ shipping )


100% PURE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS, HANDMADE THE TRADITIONAL WAY, USING ACTUAL PLANTS ... small batches at a time, getting all of the goodness from the plants themselves.  There are 9 steps to each Beekawa product.  A whole lot of love, effort & time, goes in to each & every tin / bottle of Beekawa.

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x Neisha x